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Offering open cockpit biplane air tours for two passengers over the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Customer Testimonials

The best way to see the Outer Banks!

My wife and I took a Biplane flight with OBX Biplanes and had an incredible time. The pilot, Larry, was professional and very safety minded. We were able to tailor the flight to the places that we wanted to see and the amount of flight time we wanted to pay for. This flight was a birthday present from my wife to me presented to me by gift certificate for a general flight with recorded video. We decided to add a little time on to the general package so that we could fly over our home in Southern Shores. We really enjoyed the open cockpit of the biplane and the pilot pointing out landmarks and schools of fish. The sweeping views of the barrier island were undescribable. We would and will do this again. We believe this will be a great adventure for some of our family and friends. I have wanted to do this for many years( over 15 Years) since I moved to the Outer Banks. I wanted to do a flight ,but it had to be in a Biplane with an open cockpit. My expectations for this adventure was very high, but the reality far surpassed anything that I could have imagine. If you get a chance, definitely take a flight with these people. You will not regret it!

Michael M. Southern Shores, NC

Vacation highlight!!
Hi, my name is Jack. At the beach this year my dad and I rode in a biplane. My favorite part about the ride was when we got to Oregon Inlet the pilot started a dive. The ride was thirty minutes long, and Dad and I had the time of our lives. (From Jack's mom: Jack is 9. Scott, the pilot, cleared the gentle dive before hand -on the ground- and again in flight w/ his two passengers. We all love the in-flight video keepsake!)
Fantastic experience, definitely worth doing!
My girlfriend and I went on the 30 minute Bi-Plane ride with Larry today. We both were a little nervous before hand, they did a thorough explanation of safety procedures and were very good about relaxing our nerves.

Once you got in the air, the nerves never surfaced again. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! It is so cool to be in an open cockpit flying over some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen. The experience is most similar to riding a Harley Davidson at 110 MPH and at 1000 feet. Words cannot do the experience justice, do yourself a favor and book a tour with these guys. Thanks again Larry! We'll be back!!
Andy B., Houston TX

“Walking the Wright Brothers ground then flying over in a Bi-Plane… Priceless”

A priceless phenomenal experience where Dad and I were able to share the best flight experience of our lives. The blue skies had the perfect mix of wispy clouds, which flying through in an open cockpit, was amazing and out of this world.

Dad has flown in a B-17 Bomber from 1944, Ford Tri Motor with Henry Ford, single engine Stinson and a ton of small engine planes while I have been in gliders and a variety of single and dual engine planes. We both agree that Larry and his better half Steph’s Bi-Plane experience are a “MUST DO” for anyone who has even an inkling about taking off the ground.

We did the “Deluxe Tour”, 30 minutes. I know this may be more than what is in the family vacation budget; however, it was worth every penny and then some. Dad crossed off 2 bucket list items in 1 day (walking the wright brothers ground and flying in an open cockpit bi-plane) along with a bonus, flying over the Wright Brother’s memorial with-in hours of walking the memorial…. Priceless!!! Thank You Steph & Larry!!!
John R. , Bedford, NH
The highlight of our OBX vacation!
Riding in an open cockpit biplane has always been something I've wanted to do, but never came across an opportunity to do so. Larry and Stephanie at OBX Biplanes made this a reality for both my wife and I at an extremely affordable price. From the first phone call the night before to the moment we walked away with smiles on our faces, we were treated like old friends. These two obviously love their jobs and take great pride in customer service. Larry is a great pilot with a good sense of humor and a steady hand. We always felt safe, even when making some fun maneuvers over the beach and touching down after the ride. What a thrill! On the ground, Stephanie took great care of us and answered every question we had. Thank you both for such a wonderful experience. We will be recommending you to all of our friends visiting the OBX! Next time we'll be opting for the acrobats!
John, Asheville, NC

Best experience of my life!

My 18-year old son went up with his uncle and after his 20 minute tour exclaimed: "That was the best experience of my entire life!". They saw the island in a way you cannot any other way. Believe the reviews when they say go longer. We were going to do the 10 minute and upgraded to the 20 after reading reviews -- wish we had done the 30 minute tour. You will be welcomed like you are family and will feel like family when you leave. Dolphins, piers, first-flight momument, shipwrecks...it is the way to see them all. Thanks for giving my son the time of his life!

Judy, Bozeman, Montana

Larry and Steph are very lovely and wonderful people. We enjoyed the 20 minute biplane ride and it was awesome. We experienced great weather and a very smooth ride. I had my own reservations about the trip but it was very relaxing and comfortable. They take their time with you and get to know you, and we saw a lot of great things while up in the air. Larry was very accomodating during the flight, he did his best to help me get some great photographs! Do not miss this opportunity to see OBX from the air, it was wonderful and we are thinking of doing it again. There is a lot to see all over and it's a great way to see it from a new perspective.

Becky W. Philadelphia, PA

Outstanding experience!
My wife and I flew with OBX Biplanes as a treat for our anniversary--what a great time! Owners Steph and Larry are accommodating, very friendly, and will ensure that you have a great time! We took the 30-minute flight, and I highly recommend it--we flew over Andy Griffith's home, and then north over the beaches of the Outer Banks. Saw dolphins and turtles, and enjoyed every minute of it. As their website makes clear, the plane is not an antique--it's a thoroughly modern plane with a very "retro" exterior and fancy paintjob; we felt completely safe the entire time. Can't say enough good things about our experience--we'll do it again next time we go down, and will encourage our friends to do so as well! Thanks, Larry and Steph!
Best experience of my life....!
Flying in the OBX Biplane was the best experience in my life after the birth of our kids. Scott ,my pilot , really knew what he was doing and I felt very safe and in good hands. My 20 minute experience was the icing on the cake to a day which was beautiful, sunny and clear. I felt like a bird soaring in the sky. AMAZING. Thank you Scott and Stephanie from OBX Biplane tours.
Asma B.

Whether you are new to the Outer Banks or a seasoned traveller familiar with the islands, OBX Biplanes is a great way to see the beauty of the Outer Banks. There are several tours available, of varying lengths and locations. If you are comfortable with flying, I recommend taking at minimum a 20 minute flight. On a clear day, you can see for miles, and there’s a possibility of seeing dolphins, wildlife and shipwrecks in the clear waters. Jocky's Ridge is a wonderful sight on the ground, and stunning from the air in it's size and majesty. The Wright Brother’s Memorial and airport is also very impressive. I plan on going back again next year to take the southern route tour.

The friendly staff introduced us to Pete, the pilot of the biplane. The biplane is very authentic looking - down to the cloth wings - but it was built in 1990, with modern conveniences and safety in mind. Pete is an engaging tour guide, is very knowledgeable about the area and history, and very enthusiastic about flying. He’s quick to point out landmarks as he banks the plane from one side to the other, so have a camera ready.

OBX Biplanes is a great way to make a memorable adventure in the Outer Banks!

Michael R., Washington, DC

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