Texan AT-6 Warbird rides
over the beautiful Outer Banks!

We are now offering rides in our 1943 WWII AT6-C Texan warbird, 'Sweet Sophia'!

It's the chance of a lifetime to take flight in one of the most important aircraft in aviation history!  With room for one passenger, you can enjoy a flight over the beautiful Outer Banks.   Please call for details and reservations.


For more than six decades after it's birth in 1937, the North American AT-6 Texan and it's offshoots (the Navy SNJ and the Canadian Harvard) were used throughout the world as advanced trainers, artillary spotters (in Korea and Vietnam among other theaters), and even as counterinsurgency and fighter-bombers by numerous developing countries. Known as 'The Pilot Maker', the Texan was developed with the express intention of creating an advanced trainer as a last step for pilots before they graduated to fighters. The last known military use of the Texan was by the South Africa Air Force as a trainer, in 1995, which gives it a working history of sixty years, a figure virtually unrivaled in the history of military aviation.  The sheer longevity of the systems have made her a popular aircraft at air shows and with airplane aficionados the world over.  There are fewer than 400 Texans flying in the US today.  This beautiful aircraft has a wingspan of 42 feet and is powered by a 600 HP Pratt and Whitney R 1340 radial engine. 

Tours and Pricing

Introductory Tour (approx. 15 minutes)...........$249
Beach Tour 1 (approx. 30 minutes).................$449
Beach Tour 2 (approx. 45 minutes).................$649
Deluxe Tour (approx. 60 minutes)...................$849
All flights over fifteen minutes include the option of aerobatics for no extra charge!
Please call 252-216-7777 for more information and reservations.